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Verizon and Yahoo: Low Risk, Medium Reward

Prashob Menon | July 25, 2016

Verizon's Yahoo acquisition will pay itself back on a margin basis in about 4 years and while there isn't massive upside, there's very little downside.


Pay to Play: Why It’s Time to End the NBA’s Luxury Tax

Prashob Menon | April 14, 2016

Despite introducing North America’s first salary cap, the NBA now boasts its least effective payroll model. To retake its leadership position, the league has drop luxury tax.


Symantec: Hacking the Enterprise Security Space

Samantha Wu and Chris Nguyen | March 24, 2016

Symantec can innovate the online security industry by incorporating machine learning into their enterprise security products.


Nespresso: Stirring Up the Pod

Serena Virani | March 24, 2016

Once the undisputed leader and pioneer of the single-serve coffee industry, Nespresso now faces serious competition as it struggles to figure out the North American market.


Yahoo’s Next Big Bet

Calvin Russell and Terence Chen | March 24, 2016

Yahoo’s legacy business segments lack growth potential, thus they should look to fuel future growth through their fantasy sports platform.


Digital Justice: Improving Access to Legal Services

Lynn Tay and Nick Avis | March 24, 2016 can capture a million dollar opportunity by developing an online legal services marketplace.


Mattel: Sold in China

Anthony Hui and Andrew Leung | March 24, 2016

Mattel can boost global toy sales by acquiring media content from the emerging markets.


A New Course for Online Education

Emily Rowe and Zach Hamel | March 24, 2016

Coursera needs to offer accredited degrees and original content to become the leader in online higher education.


Swimming through New Channels

Abdul Khan and Shervin Yousef-Zadeh | March 24, 2016

Community Supported Fisheries are struggling with profitability, but a reciprocally beneficial opportunity exists to target hotels.


The Bottom of the Barrel

Samantha Juman | March 24, 2016

With low oil prices driving down demand for recycled plastic, Waste Management must target CPG manufacturers through shareholder activism and value-added services.