Our Team

Ivey Business Review is written, designed and managed by undergraduate students at the Ivey Business School. All contributions come from current students and alumni of Ivey Business School and are curated by its student Editorial Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of past contributors and oversees the Editorial Board, which runs all day-to-day operations. Adam Fremeth serves as Program Advisor.

Meet the Editorial Board




Dan Wei | Editor-in-Chief

Dan Wei is the Editor-in-Chief for IBR and joined IBR as an author in 2015 writing about Instagram’s monetization strategy. Dan is interested in disruptive technologies, and has worked in numerous technology companies. Upon graduation, Dan will be joining the consulting industry.



Joyce Chan | Publisher

Joyce Chan is the publisher for IBR and joined IBR as an author, writing about Instagram’s monetization strategy. Joyce is passionate in the study of evolutionary and investor psychology. Upon graduation, she will be joining the financial industry.



Kevin Shi | Editor

Kevin Shi is an editor for IBR, having joined in 2015 as co-author of an article on Biogen’s competitive positioning in the biological drug industry. Kevin is interested in the biotechnology field.



Nawid Sayed | Editor

Nawid Sayed is an editor for IBR and joined IBR as an author, writing about how large pharmaceutical companies can retain their profits in the face of expiring drug patents. Nawid is interested in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and hopes to work in consulting after finishing his double major in Honours Business Administration and Medical Sciences.



Shervin Yousef-Zadeh | Editor

Shervin Yousef-Zadeh is an Editor for IBR. He joined IBR as an author, writing about alternative operating strategies for community supported fisheries. Shervin is passionate about the intersection between business and social issues, and particularly, combating the inequalities faced by marginalized groups. Upon graduation, he will be joining the consulting industry.



Samantha Wu | Editor

Samantha Wu is an editor and past author of IBR. Samantha wrote about integrating machine learning into Symantec’s anti-virus offerings. Samantha is interested in how firm’s define their competitive advantage. Upon graduation Samantha will be joining the financial industry in New York.



Michael Yuan | Editor

Michael Yuan joined IBR as a Co-Author, recommending one of South Africa’s largest banks to adopt behavioral economics concepts. Michael is interested in social impact and public policy. Upon graduation, he will be joining the finance industry



Chris Nguyen | Editor

Chris Nguyen is an editor for IBR and has previously written an article on Symantec’s divestiture of Veritas. Chris has an interest in finance and technology; In the future, he would like to pursue a career in one of the two fields. During his free time, Chris likes to play soccer and travel.



Leroi Yu | Editor

Leroi Yu is an editor for IBR. He first joined IBR in 2013 as an AEO Researcher and wrote about Pebble’s enterprise strategy in 2015. Leroi’s interests include technology, collecting vinyl records, and photography.



Andrew Leung | Editor

Andrew Leung is a member of the Editorial Board for IBR. He joined as an author and wrote an article discussing recommendations for Mattel’s retail strategy, with particular focus on media content partnerships. Andrew has a background in medical sciences and is passionate about health sector industries.



Nicole Miles | Editor

Nicole Miles is an editor at IBR. After first joining as an author for the Spring 2016 issue, Nicole investigated opportunities to address stagnation in Apple’s revenue streams by leveraging customization. Nicole studied English Literature before entering Ivey. Upon graduation, she intends to pursue management consulting



Mofeed Sawan | Editor

Mofeed Sawan is an HBA 2017 Candidate pursuing a dual degree in Mechatronics Systems Engineering. Mofeed joined IBR as an Author in 2016, writing about revamping Apple’s stagnating growth by commercializing 3D Printing technology. He currently serves as an Editor with IBR.



Marco Lo | Editor

Marco Lo is an editor for IBR and joined IBR as an author, writing about Twitch’s competitive strategy against YouTube Gaming. Marco is interested in the impact of innovation and disruption on traditional industries.



Mark Ren | Creative Team

Mark Ren is a Co-Creative Director for IBR, and is currently an HBA1 student at Ivey Business School. With a keen interest in developmental economics and finance, he hopes to work at an economic consulting firm and one day become a development focused economist for the World Bank.



Pallav Bhavsar | Creative Team

Pallav Bhavsar is the Co-Creative Director for IBR and joined IBR as a part of the creative team in for the fall 2015 issue. Pallav is interested in studying political science specifically focusing on American foreign policy. Upon graduation, he wishes to continue his studies into law school.

Ashley Wang


Ashley Wang | Creative Team

Ashley Wang is on the Creative Team for IBR. She is currently studying accounting in the MOS program and wishes to continue her education at Ivey next year. Ashley plans to pursue a career in marketing or finance.



Alvin Tse | Creative Team

Alvin is a Political Science student interested in social entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and emerging technologies. Besides IBR, Alvin is also involved with Western Forex Association as the Design and Technology Director. Alvin looks forward to opportunities working for a consulting practice or in the real estate development sector. In his spare time, Alvin enjoys gardening, shooting photos as well as architectural design.




Morgan Zhou | Creative Team

Morgan Zhuo is an HBA 2018 candidate and an illustrator for IBR. Morgan is passionate about visual arts and loves museums, architecture, and Gustav Klimt. Upon graduation, she intends to pursue a career in the financial industry.



Trevor Sookraj | AEO Research Team

Trevor Sookraj is a second-year Globalization Studies student and leads the IBR AEO Development Team. Trevor has a passion for technology, and follows trends relating to customer acquisition and marketing attribution. Upon graduation, he plans to work in the technology sector, in the area of product marketing.



Josh Li | AEO Research Team

Josh Li is a second-year member of the AEO Development Team with a short-term career goal that is to explore the world of finance, and a long-term goal of enjoying life; whatever that may encompass. Josh finds himself to be very passionate about psychology, economics, finance, and hopes to find success in the financial industry upon graduation.




Mohammad Niazi | AEO Research Team

Mohammad Niazi, a second year Electrical Engineering student, is a member of IBR’s AEO Development Team. In the past, he’s provided due diligence for articles on Coursera and the TMX Group. Mohammad enjoys political history, squash, and soccer. Moving forward, Mohammad is looking for opportunities in the financial industry.




Amy Wang | AEO Research Team

Amy Wang is a member of the IBR AEO Development Team. She is interested in entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. Upon graduation, she hopes to enter the consulting or technology industry.



Grace Lu | AEO Research Team

Grace Lu is a member of the IBR AEO Development Team. Grace enjoys reading about progress in human development and exploring different perspectives on controversial issues. She hopes to launch a career in consulting or hospitality after graduation.



Jasmine Wang | AEO Research Team

Jasmine Wang is part of the IBR AEO Development Team. She is interested in the tech industry and social innovation. Upon graduation, she hopes to enter the healthcare industry.



Paul Okundaye | AEO Research Team

Paul Okundaye is apart of the IBR AEO Development Team members and this is his second year on the team. Paul has a keen interest in the world of capital markets and plans to work in asset management upon his graduation. In his spare time you can find him watching his favourite TV shows or cheering on Manchester United.



Andy Ly | AEO Research Team

Andy Ly is on the AEO Development Team for IBR. Andy is interested in the study of economics and the allocation of the world’s scarce resources. Upon graduation, he wishes to pursue consulting



Erinna Ma | AEO Research Team

Erinna Ma is the sponsorship director and a member of IBR’s AEO Development Team. Erinna enjoys the topics of economic globalization and political theory, and she hopes to enter the financial industry upon graduation.



Fina Pang | AEO Research Team

Fina Pang is currently studying computer science, and is fascinated by the evolution of computers and innovation in the modern world. Fina enjoys keeping up-to-date on current events, and hopes to couple her fascination in technology with her interest in business.

Jim Zhou


Jim Zhou | AEO Research Team

Jim Zhou is a member of IBR’s AEO Development Team. Jim is interested in the study of emerging markets, specifically investment opportunities within these regions. Upon graduation, he intends to pursue a career in finance.