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Why Goliath Needs David

Evan Dell-Aquila | April 03, 2010

How major film studios are threatening their long-term survival by closing their specialty divisions


Sidecar Funds: A New Battleground in the GP/LP War

Courtland Morrice and Matthew Hall | April 03, 2010

A New Battleground in the GP/LP War


Interacting with Governments

Anshul Ruparell and Jack Hansen | April 03, 2010

A framework for how corporations should react to government actions


Social Media Off the Rack

Ian Rosen | April 03, 2010

Tailoring social media strategy for high-end fashion


Stepping Up Talent Management

Jennifer Gautier | April 03, 2010

How corporations can get their greatest assets to climb the management ladder


Apple Enters the Amazon

Andrew Rowland | April 03, 2010

Power dynamics in the eBook industry and the future of Amazon


Apple: The Forbidden Fruit

Joseph Ghobrial and William Meneray | January 03, 2010

How the Apple tablet can make or break the print industry


Google & The Destruction of Innovation

Matthew Ball | January 03, 2010

How Google's growth strategy is shutting down markets and hurting consumers


High Fashion in a Recession

Elizabeth Clark | January 03, 2010

The Evolution of the Luxury Handbag