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Philip Morris International: Sparking A Smokeless Future

Vineet Gupta and Nishtha Sharma | April 24, 2017

Philip Morris can change smoking culture by creating shared smokeless experiences

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Second Cup: Going Back For A Second Cup

Vishal Sharma and Raghav Srikanth | April 24, 2017

MTY Group should acquire the financially strapped Second Cup and re-establish the iconic coffee company’s brand identity

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Medium: The Medium Is The Message

Leroi Yu | April 24, 2017

Digital media partnerships shift incentives and capture user engagement others have failed to achieve


Twitter: E-Commerce Takes flight

Justin Tang and Carolyn Wu | April 24, 2017

Partnering with Amazon in e-commerce will drive growth and help Twitter end its reliance on the competitive advertising industry

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Waze: Co-Creating Transportation Efficiency

Evan Matthews | April 24, 2017

Faced with debilitating congestion, Toronto should leverage data analytics and a geo-marketing powered incentive program to improve public mobility

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Amazon & Tesla: Driving in the Amazon of Competition

Sharon Xu and Jenny Xue | April 24, 2017

With rapidly eroding margins due to rising shipping costs, Amazon’s innovative solution to cost-cutting lies with an investment in Tesla’s self-driving electric trucks

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Amazon Alexa: Getting Smart About Smart Homes

Ilia Khairetdinov and David Aideyan | April 24, 2017

Using Alexa to foster an ecosystem where data is aggregated and interpreted into predictive insights that can help Amazon streamline the recurring purchase of household goods

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Interview: Larry Rosen

Ivey Business Review | April 24, 2017

CEO of Harry Rosen

Freshii Portrait-FinalV2.png

Interview: Matthew Corrin

Ivey Business Review | April 24, 2017

Founder and CEO of Freshii


IBM: Innovations are Elementary My Dear Watson

Hashu Rahim and Dennis Zhan | April 24, 2017

Encouraging risks at IBM helps fuel the possibilities for Watson