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Activision’s YouTube Moment

Prashob Menon | January 22, 2016

In January, 2016 Activision purchased MLG for $46M and it's looking like a great move.

The Biosimilar Onslaught

Kevin Shi and nsayedhba2017 | January 05, 2016

Pharmaceutical companies face huge revenue uncertainties after the loss of patent exclusivity; but not all is lost.

Capturing Savings for Capitec

vsuri2017 and myuanhba2017 | December 19, 2015

Capitec Bank has an opportunity to increase its deposits using the principles of behavioral economics in South Africa

The Aurora Edge

dalplihba2016 | December 19, 2015

How the newest player in Canada’s medical marijuana industry can smoke out the competition

Diving Deep Into HealthCare Data

Andrew Truong and Sanveer Dhanju | December 19, 2015

GE Healthcare can help hospitals better diagnose patients and reduce readmissions by acquiring the deep learning analytics company Enlitic

Twitch Interactive: The Streaming Market War

Marco Lo and Kevin Zhang | December 19, 2015

After Google launched YouTube Gaming, Twitch needs to level up fast in the face of a major competitor in the streaming market

Re-leasing The Deere

Andrew Semple | December 19, 2015

Deere can drive profits by launching a rental and driver service in India.

Interview with Hubert T. Lacroix

Nicholas Zeeb and Will Meneray | December 19, 2015

IBR speaks with the CEO of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Interview with Jordan Banks

Nicholas Zeeb and Jitesh Vyas | December 19, 2015

IBR speaks with Jordan Banks, Managing Director of Facebook Canada.

Instagram: Stocking Against the Odds

Daniel Wei and Joyce Chan | December 19, 2015

Instagram is heavily invested into Direct Response Advertising and needs to explore less cyclical sources of revenue