With our new website, I’m proud to announce IBR’s newest initiative: the Ivey Alumni Blog. Here, all Ivey graduates – including those who did not write for the magazine – will have the opportunity to post their business strategy insights, opinions and questions, and engage our readers worldwide in conversation and debate. By enabling us to collectively develop first-rate insights, the blog will be at the heart of our goal of becoming a national destination for thought leadership.

There is no specific “mold” for content. It could be a perspective, recommendation, series of thought provoking questions or an overview of something you believe is being overlooked. Our goal is to give both you and IBR a platform to share ideas. As with our written content, we aspire to voice meaningful and unique content that has practical or actionable insights for businesses and business leaders.

All content will be published by and attributed to the author, and can include biographical information and links to your personal website, as appropriate.

Anyone interested in setting up an account, contributing or who is looking for more information should contact

Matthew Ball
Chair, Advisory Board
Ivey Business Review