To provide a forum for tomorrow’s business leaders to develop, voice and discuss their thoughts on today’s business strategies, threats and opportunities.

About IBR

The Ivey Business Review is designed and managed exclusively by students at the Ivey Business School and its content is produced solely by current Honours Business Administration students and alumni of the program. It is the only business publication of its kind and, unlike other student magazines or journals, none of IBR’s content originates from a student’s coursework or thesis. Instead, each article has been created specifically for the magazine and comes from several months of intense collaboration between the writer and members of the Editorial Board.

IBR was imagined and created in 2009, by a small group of HBA students with support from faculty, alumni, and the administration. It has since grown to distribute insightful and actionable long-form content to readers across the world in print and online. The print edition is published twice per academic year, in Spring and Fall.

Articles are written on a wide variety of topics, and can focus upon a specific company, industry, business model, strategy or event. We strive to address timely issues and provide meaningful recommendations to the business community.


Our writing process is also distinctive, focusing very strongly on collaboration, rather than independent research. When a contributor is selected, they are assigned to two members of the Editorial Board who work closely with the author to help them deconstruct their topic and provide feedback and guidance.

The Editorial Board also meets regularly to have round table discussions on the working drafts of each author’s piece. The Board’s collective feedback is then presented to the author, who can engage the Board for further feedback or to challenge their conclusions. Many writers also conduct interviews with pertinent professionals or subject matter advisors.

The IBR process embodies the spirit of an Ivey education. Though each contributor is ultimately responsible for putting in the time and effort to create a top-notch article, what makes both the article and learning experience so strong is that it draws on the collective talents and perspectives of the entire Editorial Board. At the same time, IBR pushes students beyond the case method, immersing them in a real, live case, where they need to define the problem, manage incomplete information and make their own value judgments to come up with their recommendation.

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For more information about the organization or to learn how to get involved, please visit the Join IBR page or contact the Editorial Board.