How Much User Growth is Left for Twitter?

Michael Zawalsky | November 20, 2013

Though Twitter is on pace for 350M users by 2016, this figure is likely to disappoint management and shareholders alike. Yet the cause could be more dire: Twitter is struggling to scale its 'network effect'. Why?

Where Twitter Goes, Not Even Jack Dorsey Knows

Matthew Hall | November 05, 2013

Twitter'' failure to establish a profitabile business model before hitting slowed user-growth is a troubling sign for the IPO-bound company.

Jolting TransAlta's Flagging Performance

Andrew Cornhill | September 23, 2013

TransAlta must reposition it's power portfolio, adding Alberta peaking plants is an easy first step.

What Netflix Needs to do to “Become (3x) HBO”

Ivey Business Review | September 17, 2013

Reed Hastings believes Netflix can hit 60-90M US subscribers, but he's wrong about what it will take to get there.

The Content Case for the new Apple TV

Jordan Mayes | September 15, 2013

Apple's entrance into the living room is an important bulkhead for their content distribution strategy

The Newspaper is Dead. Long Live the Newspaper.

Prashob Menon | September 05, 2013

The US newspaper industry, bolstered by new investors, is being reinvented. What will it look like in the future?

Why aren’t Digital Magazines Working?

Matthew Hall | August 29, 2013

New data from the Alliance for Audited Media shows that only one magazine has made digital subscriptions work. Are current solutions wrong, or was the end of print overhyped?

Big Beer Goes Flat

Matthew Hall | July 30, 2013

To take back share from the fast-rising 'craft brewery' segment, Big Beer is investing in new cans and bottles. They'd be better off partnering.

The Revolution Will be Televised: Assessing Intel’s TV Strategy

Prashob Menon | July 30, 2013

Intel is hoping to disrupt the Cable industry and generate signifcant returns in the process but will it be enough to sate investors hungry for growth?