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Age of Abundance: How the Content Explosion will Invert the Media Industry

Liam Boluk | February 02, 2016

Over the past century, technological advancements have massively reduced the cost and time needed to create and circulate content. Though this has liberated artists, consumers are now drowning in a virtually infinite supply of things to watch, listen to and read.


The Truth and Distraction of U.S. Cord Cutting

Liam Boluk | February 02, 2016

Thanks to coverage that simultaneously over and under-exaggerates the behavior, the cutter narrative remains profoundly misunderstood some six years after it first emerged. Even still, the figure itself remains more of a symptom than it is a disease - and to focus on it is to ignore the underlying condition. But like all symptoms, it must first be properly understood.


Less Money, Mo’ Music & Lots of Problems: A Look at the Music Biz

Liam Boluk | September 27, 2015

Though few dispute the magnitude of the change that has hit the music business over the past 5 years, the consequences remain widely misunderstood. To restore growth, the music ecosystem must first reconcile their wants with what can be.


7 Deadly Sins: Where Hollywood is Wrong about the Future of TV

Liam Boluk | June 08, 2015
This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Linear television networks today face seven key threats that continue to be overlooked but are critical to both understanding and planning for the future of television.


Why the Next Sports Empire will be Built on eSports

Prashob Menon and Liam Boluk | April 19, 2015
This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

The debate about the validity of eSports as sports misses the point. Like it or not, eSports have millions of passionate viewers and their momentum can no longer be ignored.


The State and Future of Netflix v. HBO in 2015

Liam Boluk | March 10, 2015
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

The financial performance of HBO and Netflix could not be farther apart today - but as the two companies converge, how will their margins (and ambitions) change?


The Digital Future of TV Networks & The Original Series Crunch

Liam Boluk | February 21, 2015
This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Internet distribution frees TV networks from the constraints that have defined their business models since inception. The future of TV will look nothing like its past.


How YouTube MCNs are Conquering Hollywood

Liam Boluk | February 21, 2015

MCNs may confound Hollywood today, but they've made inroads the business can't afford to ignore any longer.


Film Franchises, Platforms & IP: The Future of Superhero Cinema

Liam Boluk | November 26, 2014

Before tripling down on shared universes, the Majors need to honestly reassess the potential of their comic book IP. After all, no two superheroes or studios are exactly alike


Letter to the Publisher: Digital Magazines aren’t Working.

Liam Boluk | October 13, 2014

Despite their much-touted promise, digital magazines have been roundly rejected by consumers. It's time publishers accept that the future will bear little resemblance to the past.