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And for his next act…

Will Meneray | October 29, 2013

While Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post is a historic moment for the newspaper industry, he might just have a far bigger revolution in mind.


RIM and the Frailty of the ‘First Mover Advantage’ in Tech

Liam Boluk | September 26, 2013

The iPhone was not the cause of Blackberry's problems. It was felled by management rigidity, an outdated business model, and poor interfacing with developers.


Thoughts on the Tragic State of In-Car UI/X

Liam Boluk | September 26, 2013

Car interfaces remain awful more than 6 years after the iPhone was launched. This needs to change.


Peaking Plants will Jolt TransAlta’s Flagging Performance

Andrew Cornhill | September 23, 2013

TransAlta must reposition it's power portfolio, adding Alberta peaking plants is an easy first step.


What Netflix Needs to do to “Become (3x) HBO”

Liam Boluk | September 17, 2013
This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Reed Hastings believes Netflix can hit 60-90M US subscribers, but he'll need a lot more original content to get there.


The Content Case for the new Apple TV

Jordan Mayes | September 15, 2013

Ivey Business Review article on the content incentive Apple has to expand their reach in TV ecosystem with a new, enhanced Apple TV.


The Newspaper is Dead. Long Live the Newspaper.

Prashob Menon | September 05, 2013

The US newspaper industry, bolstered by new investors, is being reinvented. What will it look like in the future?


Why aren’t Digital Magazines Working?

Liam Boluk | August 29, 2013

New data from the Alliance for Audited Media shows that only one magazine has made digital subscriptions work. Are current solutions wrong, or was the end of print overhyped?


Spinning off BlackBerry Messenger Solves Nothing

Liam Boluk | August 28, 2013
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series OTT Messaging

Rumors suggest BlackBerry is considering a spin-off of BBM intended to revive the flagging service. It won't.


Fixing the Ticketed Event Industry

Liam Boluk | August 23, 2013

Though ticketed events are more popular than ever, the industry is deeply broken. Here's how I believe it could be fixed.