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Big Beer Goes Flat

Liam Boluk | July 30, 2013

To take back share from the fast-rising 'craft brewery' segment, Big Beer is investing in new cans and bottles. They'd be better off partnering.


The Revolution Will Be Televised: The Economics of OnCue

Prashob Menon | July 30, 2013
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series The Economics of TV

Intel is hoping to disrupt the Cable industry and generate significant returns in the process but will it be enough to sate investors hungry for growth?


Of News and Newborns

Will Meneray | July 25, 2013

The media circus surrounding the Royal Baby revealed a rivalry at heart of the news industry that's slowly tearing it apart


Google Will Regret Shutting Down Google Reader

Liam Boluk | July 01, 2013

Google's decision to retire Reader will force many of the company's top users into its competitors' web of services - and not just their RSS services


Assessing Netflix’s Original Content Business

Liam Boluk | June 09, 2013
This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Arrested Development and House of Cards aren't designed to deliver the metrics Wall Street expects, and this means a lot about how Netflix views its future.


A Deal with the Devil

Will Meneray | June 09, 2013

How Blizzard's attempt to monetize Diablo 3's virtual economy is embroiled in crisis – both for gamers and the company itself


Macklemore & Fifty Shades of Grey: the Democratization of Taste

Liam Boluk | May 21, 2013

The Internet is taking control of what we like away from the mysterious cabal of media executives


Putting the Illusory “Silver Bullet” in Context

Liam Boluk | May 15, 2013
This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Underlying changes to the TV series model will offset some pressures, but the future remains challenging


Original TV Series: The Illusory “Silver Bullet”

Liam Boluk | April 30, 2013
This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon see original TV series as the path to success. It's not. Consumers, however, will be 'endlessly' entertained.


Giving up the Liquid Link

Andrew Cornhill | April 22, 2013

Why Apache/Chevron need to abandon their pursuit of an oil-linked contract to save their LNG dreams.