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Why the Next Sports Empire will be Built on eSports

Prashob Menon and Liam Boluk | April 19, 2015
This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

The debate about the validity of eSports as sports misses the point. Like it or not, eSports have millions of passionate viewers and their momentum can no longer be ignored.


Alibaba: Failure To Deliver

Jason Cao and Shivum Sharma | March 31, 2015

Alibaba needs to look offline and secure transportation assets to grow into new markets.


A New Crop Of Investments

Max Jaychuk and Nick Xiang | March 31, 2015

Brazilian farmland presents a unique opportunity for The Carlyle Group‘s next asset class.


Two Minutes For Interference

Cam McDavid and Cole Rodness | March 31, 2015

The profitability of NHL franchises is hurting due to inflexible policies on relocation; teams are officially skating on thin ice


Interview with Mel Ydreos

| March 31, 2015

IBR talks with Executive Director at EnergyVantage about hydraulic fracturing, the controversy regarding environmental impact, and the future for Canada in Natural Gas.


Interview with Steve Baker

Nicholas Zeeb | March 31, 2015

IBR talks with Steve Baker, president of Union Gas, on the company's operations, and the expansion of Canada’s second largest natural gas utility.


Bombardier: Spreading Its Wings

Andrew Kanapatski | March 31, 2015

Bombardier Aerospace’s current CSeries project is stuck on the runway and needs a strategic partner to take off.


A State Of Conformity

Robbie Sparrow | March 31, 2015

After a 3D printing related setback, an emerging player may be just what Stryker needs to secure its position in 3D orthopaedics.


Steamy Investments in British Columbia

Robby O'Brien | March 31, 2015

Partnering with pipeline companies can unlock the potential of geothermal power


The Next Episode

Russell Shaul and Jonathan Miller | March 31, 2015

Rogers and Shaw need to offer Shomi as a differentiated OTT service to all Canadians to expand their respective ecosystems