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Bioprinting a New Hope

Dave Tang and Marco Chan | March 31, 2015

Testing new drugs on 3D printed microtissues may be the solution to Roche’s R&D woes


Draught-ing A New Plan

Rita Zurbrigg and Diana Bucuresteanu | March 31, 2015

How Molson Coors can address changing industry trends and keep its business relevant.


Beacon & Eggs

Vikram Kalia | March 31, 2015

With loyalty programs already a staple in the grocery industry, Metro can create further value by engaging with customers through in-store technologies.


The State and Future of Netflix v. HBO in 2015

Liam Boluk | March 10, 2015
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

The financial performance of HBO and Netflix could not be farther apart today - but as the two companies converge, how will their margins (and ambitions) change?


The Digital Future of TV Networks & The Original Series Crunch

Liam Boluk | February 21, 2015
This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series OTT Strategy and Economics

Internet distribution frees TV networks from the constraints that have defined their business models since inception. The future of TV will look nothing like its past.


How YouTube MCNs are Conquering Hollywood

Liam Boluk | February 21, 2015

MCNs may confound Hollywood today, but they've made inroads the business can't afford to ignore any longer.


Saving Cinema: The Declining State of the Movie Theatre

Prashob Menon | January 19, 2015
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Saving Cinema

Movie theaters continue expansion plans amidst a decline in domestic attendance but is their strategy likely to yield success?


No Signal: Why Broadcast M&A will Kill Broadcasters

Prashob Menon | January 18, 2015
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Economics of TV

TV stations are bundling together at a rate 23 times greater than a decade ago but is it leading to their early demise?


Mobile Banking: Kenya’s Development App

Raheel Jariwalla and Azzam Ramji | January 09, 2015

Safaricom has revolutionized the Kenyan banking system with M-Pesa, but growth still lies within the rural markets


The Road Less Travelled

Xiaoya Xu and Karen Yu | January 09, 2015

Harley Davidson has underestimated the potential of Project LiveWire and needs to pursue strategic partnerships to succeed in the market