Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Gilead: Cultivating the Pipeline

April 24, 2017 / by Jason Cheung and Dennis Zhan / 0 Comment

In order to restore investor confidence and hedge legacy market downturns, Gilead needs to diversify into other channels of sustainable revenue generation to minimize volatility


The Biosimilar Onslaught

January 05, 2016 / by Kevin Shi and Nawid Sayed / 0 Comment

Pharmaceutical companies face huge revenue uncertainties after the loss of patent exclusivity; but not all is lost.


The Aurora Edge

December 19, 2015 / by Dilara Alpi and Michael Lickver / 0 Comment

How the newest player in Canada’s medical marijuana industry can smoke out the competition

Revitalizing Medical Care

April 04, 2012 / by Geoff Calder and Nadeem Nathoo / 0 Comment

The search for ubiquity in a broken system.

The Perfect Remedy

January 04, 2012 / by David Stewart and Sabriya Karim / 0 Comment

Could drug incubation allow Canada to better compete in the global pharmaceutical industry?

A Healthy Getaway

April 04, 2011 / by David Stewart and Sabriya Karim / 0 Comment

Can medical tourism improve healthcare for Canadians?

The Big Pharma Bust

April 03, 2010 / by Juthika Thakur / 0 Comment

The collapse of Western pharmaceutical companies is inevitable