Marketing Strategy

Cineplex: Serving Up Academy Awards

February 16, 2017 / by Gordon Sun and Alex Wu / 0 Comment

Understanding trends in socialization can help Cineplex smooth their blockbuster bets each year

Game On for CPGs

March 23, 2013 / by Oscar Leon and Dan Hernden / 0 Comment

How Consumer Packaged Goods can game consumers into spending more

Justifying a Corporate Facelift

April 04, 2011 / by Emily Shi and Aaliyah Madadi / 0 Comment

Understanding why and when it makes sense for companies to change their logos.

Valuing the Gay Dollar

April 04, 2011 / by Brendan Stevens / 1 Comment

Why appealing to the Gay community makes sound business sense.

Social Media Off the Rack

April 03, 2010 / by Ian Rosen / 0 Comment

Tailoring social media strategy for high-end fashion