Food Insecurity in Haiti: Reimagining Agriculture for Food and Climate Resilience

April 06, 2021 / by Caleigh Campbell and Rohan Noronha / 0 Comment

Facing the grand challenges of climate change and food insecurity, Haiti must integrate agriculture into its resiliency plans to enable a prosperous economic future

Interview: Braden Ream, CEO of Voiceflow

April 06, 2021 / by IBR Students / 0 Comment

IBR sits down with the co-founder and CEO of Voiceflow.

Ontario Long-Term Care: Caring for the Future

April 06, 2021 / by Shubham Bansal and Rahina Damji / 0 Comment

To improve resident health outcomes in LTC homes, the Ontario Government should implement a value-based care system that incentivizes private operators to invest in improving care.

TC Energy: The Future of Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure

April 06, 2021 / by Michael Wu and Jerry Wu / 0 Comment

As TC Energy faces stagnating growth, it should use existing infrastructure to expand into hydrogen energy.

Disney: Bringing the Magic Back to Movie Theatres

April 06, 2021 / by Connor McSweeney / 0 Comment

To complement its digitally-focused D2C strategy, Disney should acquire Cineplex to further promote emotional brand engagement with its fans and increase the perceived value of movie tickets.

Epic Games: An Unreal Healthcare Opportunity

April 06, 2021 / by Lindy Lin and Raya Kondori / 0 Comment

To further diversify the Unreal Engine beyond gaming, Epic Games should design a new VR incubation program for healthcare start-ups.

Uber Eats: The New Agent of Change

April 06, 2021 / by Alisa Nikitov / 0 Comment

To better compete in the grocery delivery industry and mitigate food waste issues, Uber Eats should partner with Flashfood while creating a food redistribution program through its Cornershop app.

DJI: Going to Greener Pastures

April 06, 2021 / by Joe Olij and Gabor Simon / 0 Comment

To counter stiff competition in its core market and maximize pre-IPO growth, DJI should look to the agtech industry by creating an analytics platform for its existing products.

Cineplex: Step Into a New Dimension

April 06, 2021 / by Insha Jesani and Sunny Bhandari / 0 Comment

To maintain its position in the increasingly streaming-centric movie distribution chain, Cineplex should lease excess showrooms to production companies to build content-focused immersive experiences

Seeing Green with Psychedelics

April 06, 2021 / by Mark Fortino and Rachel Rothstein / 0 Comment

With the emergence of psychedelics as a treatment option for mental health-related illnesses, Big Pharma should partner with pureplay biotech firms to reap the benefits of these breakthrough therapies.