Business today is governed by long-gestating management theories and ideas – but disruption tends to be driven by young companies and even younger minds. The goal of Ivey Business Review is to tap into and enable this forward thinking by providing a forum in which “tomorrow’s business leaders can develop, voice and discuss their thoughts on today’s business strategies, threats and opportunities.” Since its founding in 2009, IBR’s content has been featured by international news outlets such as Reuters, The Globe & Mail, National Post, Marginal Revolution and Business Insider, as well as the likes of Felix Salmon, Andrew Sullivan and even Macklemore himself. Each month, we reach tens of thousands of readers worldwide.

Contributions are open to all graduates of the Ivey Business School and centered on our two channels: the IBR Blogging Network and Ivey Business Review Magazine.

The IBR Blog Network

Our platform gives members of the Ivey community the chance to build their personal brand, disseminate their thinking and engage our readers in conversation and debate.  Authors will also be able to leverage our sleek, mobile-ready website, which comes with a fully customizable layout (including the photo, biography and social-plugins of your choice) and places the author’s branding front and center across all of their pages and articles. Our design also helps drive discovery of an author’s content by highlighting their most read and most commented pieces enabling ‘multipart’ series. Articles are also featured in network-wide “similar articles” sections, continually driving readers to new blogs and authors.

There is no specific mold for content. It can be a perspective, a recommendation, a series of thought-provoking questions, an overview of something you believe is being overlooked or report on your entrepreneurial endeavors. To that end, postings can cover a wide variety of topics, from a specific company to an industry, business model, strategy or event. By request, our team of alumni content advisors is also available to help bloggers craft or refine their articles.

Through our blogging platform, IBR hopes it can enable its contributors to establish their personal brand – not just their brand within their employer, or brand via their employer.

Ivey Business Review Magazine & ‘Best of the Blogs’

In addition to our individual blogging platform, Ivey Business Review also includes a ‘curation layer’ where we will promote the pieces or series that best represent our goals and network. These pieces will receive:

  • Professional graphics
  • Copyediting support
  • IBR branding
  • Promotion by the Ivey and IBR media teams
  • A ‘featured article’ badge
  • Placement on the Ivey Business Review homepage
  • An opportunity to be featured in our biannual print magazine

Curated posts are selected by our online Publishers, a team comprised of accomplished Ivey alumni across all industries and fields. When selecting articles, the team primarily (but not exclusively) looks for articles which:

  • Contribute something new or advance existing discourse through unique ideas, analysis or perspective
  • Provide meaningful insight to those new to the topic discussed, as well as those well acquainted with it
  • Deliver actionable recommendations and/or thinking to business leaders

In short, you pieces should be new, interesting, and instructive to Senior Executives (especially Chief Executive and Chief Strategy Officers) in the industry or company you discuss.

Getting started

Authors interested in setting up their blog should reach out to Matthew Hall or Jack Hansen with a draft blog post or ideally, detailed outline of a piece intended for our ‘Best of the Blogs’. One of the two will help you set-up your page and provide initial content support as needed.