Join IBR

Are you a student interested in joining the Ivey Business Review? As a member of the IBR team, you’ll be provided with a number of unique opportunities to accelerate your personal development, prove your dedication to excellence, and challenge your critical thinking skills. In addition, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Work hand-in-hand with leading faculty members and students to improve your analytical, communication and decision making skills
  • Go beyond the traditional case method by tackling problems with real uncertainty, and no established frameworks or case facts
  • Participate in a unique Canadian initiative
  • Voice your opinion on today’s major business issues, opportunities and strategies
  • Take a position of thought leadership within the Ivey community
  • Create a long lasting document that you can share with family friends and use in future interviews and job applications
  • Join the Editorial Board


Applications for contributor and the Editorial Board can be found here.

Alumni interested in joining our advisory board should contact Matthew Ball.