Ivey Business Review exists to provide a “forum in which tomorrow’s business leaders can develop, voice and discuss their thoughts on today’s business strategies, threats and opportunities.” At the core of vision are current students of Ivey Business Review, who author more than 90% of published content and manage, edit and produce each issue.  To this end, there are many ways in which students can join our team – as an author, editor, manager, or graphic designer – and enjoy the opportunity to exhibit your passion for a topic, learn from your peers and prominent Ivey Alumni, while building your organizational and leadership skills.

Writing for Ivey Business Review

The IBR process embodies the spirit of an Ivey education. Though each contributor is ultimately responsible for putting in the time and effort to create a top-notch article, what makes both the article and learning experience so strong is that it draws on the collective talents and perspectives of the entire Editorial Board. Upon selection for the magazine, each contributor (or two-person team) are assigned to two members of the Editorial Board who work closely with the author to help them deconstruct their topic and provide feedback and guidance. The Editorial Board will also meet frequently to discuss the working drafts of each author’s piece to test thinking and provide collective feedback to the author. In addition, many writers conduct interviews with subject matter expects, including members of IBR’s extensive Alumni Content Advisory Network and Advisory Board. That said, authors are the core directors of article development, and are responsible for its production.

Ivey Business Review accepts proposed articles from any current HBA student every in September and January of each year for its Fall and Winter editions (published in December and April). Articles can focus on a wide variety of topics, from a specific company to an industry, business model, strategy or event. In selecting articles, however, the Editorial Board primary (but not exclusively) looks for articles which would:

  • Contribute something new or advance existing discourse through unique ideas, analysis or perspective
  • Provide meaningful insight to those new to the topic discussed, as well as those well acquainted with it
  • Deliver actionable recommendations and/or thinking to business leaders

Ivey Business Review aspires to provide the highest level of rigor and analysis in each and every article published. The following guidelines aim to aid prospective contributors in proposing, structuring, editing, and submitting their articles for consideration.

Submission Guidelines

Articles may be written individually or in pairs. Each submission should be no more than 500 words and must include the following:

  • Brief summary of the topic’s context and relevance/importance
  • Planned high-level article structure (look at past articles on our website for guidance)
  • Outline of the strategic recommendations or implications of your topic

Throughout your proposal, consider the following questions to help drive out the information we’re looking for from prospective authors:

  • What is the unique and central message of your article? “So what?”
  • Who is your audience?
  • Has IBR written about this topic previously? If so, does the topic provide significant value on top of previous literature?
  • What are the risks associated with your strategic recommendation? How thorough have you been in identifying them? What do you plan to research further?
  • Who might you like to speak with to determine additional information on the topic?

For more information, contact the IBR Editorial Board.

Joining the Editorial Board and Management Team

Ivey Business Review is written, designed and managed exclusively by an Editorial Board of 12-15 Ivey HBA students. The Board is based on a flat organization model, with each member of the holding an equal voice on both content and administrative ideation and execution. Most Editors additionally lead an individual portfolio, such as Finance, Social Media & Public Relations, Production, Alumni Network, News Partnerships, Distribution and Website Design.

In addition to selecting proposals for upcoming issues, each Editor is will be responsible with guiding the development of 1-2 student articles each issue (alongside a second Editor) and is expected to write at least one piece annually. Furthermore, the Editorial Board also meets regularly to have round table discussion on the working drafts of each author’s piece.

Editors are selected from high-performing authors, who have demonstrated commitment to the publication and produced meaningful that personifies the goals of Ivey Business School and Ivey Business Review. To express interest or for other inquiries regarding our Editorial team, please e-mail our Editorial Board.

Other Opportunities to Join the IBR Community

Our quickly growing publication also includes:

Creative Team

Responsible for all things visual, the Graphics Team produces infographics, header imaging, and develops the layout for articles. For more information, please contact our Editorial Board.

AEO Research Team

Ivey Business Review is committed to producing our content at the highest standards. The Pre-Ivey Research Team ensures we achieve that through supporting research and analysis. Applications are accepted once a year and successful candidates will work alongside the Editorial Board. Please contact the Editorial Board for more information.