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Cineplex: Serving Up Academy Awards

Gordon Sun and Alex Wu | February 16, 2017

Understanding trends in socialization can help Cineplex smooth their blockbuster bets each year

Should WeChat About Facebook’s New Wallet?

Shachar Dahan and Mark Ren | February 16, 2017

Facebook is best positioned to develop the North American eWallet and can start with its Events platform

Groupon: Good Deal Hunting

Eunseo Namkung and Alafiya Shabbir | February 16, 2017

Social media partnerships capture the “future-oriented” socialization others have failed to achieve

Walmart: Nfc-aving Prices

Monisha Kishinchandani and Sharat Ramamani | February 16, 2017

Walmart can aid CPG brand loyalty by implementing smart packaging for ease of repurchase.

Costco: Breaking down the Bulk

Richard Wang and Eva Xu | February 16, 2017

Costco can gain a new target market by staying true to its business model

Staples: Changes Are That Easy

Ann Kamau and Lambros Tetoros | February 16, 2017

Hope remains for the office giant as a pure play

Symantec: Hacking the Enterprise Security Space

Samantha Wu and Christopher Nguyen | March 24, 2016

Symantec can innovate the online security industry by incorporating machine learning into their enterprise security products.

Nespresso: Stirring Up the Pod

Serena Virani | March 24, 2016

Once the undisputed leader and pioneer of the single-serve coffee industry, Nespresso now faces serious competition as it struggles to figure out the North American market.