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Yahoo’s Next Big Bet

Calvin Russell and Terence Chen | March 24, 2016

Yahoo’s legacy business segments lack growth potential, thus they should look to fuel future growth through their fantasy sports platform.

Digital Justice: Improving Access to Legal Services

Lynn Tay and Nick Avis | March 24, 2016 can capture a million dollar opportunity by developing an online legal services marketplace.

Mattel: Sold in China

Anthony Hui and Andrew Leung | March 24, 2016

Mattel can boost global toy sales by acquiring media content from the emerging markets.

A New Course for Online Education

Emily Rowe and Zach Hamel | March 24, 2016

Coursera needs to offer accredited degrees and original content to become the leader in online higher education.

Swimming through New Channels

Abdul Khan and Shervin Yousef-Zadeh | March 24, 2016

Community Supported Fisheries are struggling with profitability, but a reciprocally beneficial opportunity exists to target hotels.

The Bottom of the Barrel

Samantha Juman | March 24, 2016

With low oil prices driving down demand for recycled plastic, Waste Management must target CPG manufacturers through shareholder activism and value-added services.

Sunedison: Sunny Days Ahead

James Serena | March 24, 2016

To relieve pressures from its liquidity crisis, SunEdison must give up voting control of its subsidiary.

TMX: Going on Exchange

Cecilia Ma and Jeet Chakrabarty | March 24, 2016

TMX is facing increased competition in an industry and needs to leverage its ventures exchange as a key differentiator and an avenue of growth.

iCustomize: Apple’s Next Frontier

msawanhba2017 and nmileshba2017 | March 24, 2016

In order to combat slowing sales growth, Apple must leverage advances in 3D printing to increase product customization and ultimately commercialize the technology.

Interview: Douglas Allison

xxuhba2016 | March 24, 2016

Featuring an interview with the CFO of the Toronto International Film Festival, a game-changing technology application for Apple and a partnership to make Mattel competitive again