Writing Guidelines

The Ivey Business Review (IBR) strives to be the voice of tomorrow’s business leaders, and thus is built on the vision of empowering students and recent alumni of the Ivey Business School to share their views on relevant business topics. To realize that goal, we rely on input from across the community. The application of analytic rigour and determination of actionable insights are qualities we strive towards developing with each and every article we publish. The following guidelines aim to aid prospective contributors in proposing, structuring, editing, and submitting their articles for both the print magazine and blog platforms.

Developing a Print Magazine Submission for Consideration

Submissions are accepted before set dates each Fall and Winter. Any student currently enrolled in the Ivey HBA Program is welcome to apply. Upon selection, articles will be developed for 10-12 weeks prior to being published. The print edition of IBR is extremely collaborative. Authors will have access to input from the Editorial Board, IBR’s Alumni Content Advisory Board, and Accenture Management Consulting Subject Matter Advisors. That said, authors are the core directors of article development, and are responsible for its production.

Submission Guidelines

For the Fall 2013 issue, please submit a one-page, single spaced summary of your proposed article to ibr@ivey.ca by midnight on Friday, September 20th. Pleasure ensure to include the following:

  • Brief of the topic’s context and relevance
  • Planned high-level article structure (look at past articles on our website for guidance)
  • Outline of the strategic recommendations or implications of your topic
  • Any research already conducted (with sources)
  • Author’s name(s)

Throughout your proposal, consider the following questions to help drive out the information we’re looking for from prospective authors:

  • What is the unique and central message of your article? “So what?”
  • Who is your audience? Avoid unneeded technical language.
  • What are the risks associated with your strategic recommendation? How thorough have you been in identifying them? What do you plan to research further?
  • Who might you like to speak with to determine additional information on the topic?

Following submission, the IBR Editorial Board will read through each proposed article and discusses merits and drawbacks. A selection of print edition submissions that are not chosen for publication will be encouraged to produce high-quality blogs instead. Some of the questions that we’ll ask ourselves throughout the evaluation process include:

  • Does this article bring a new, fresh perspective to a pertinent business issue?
  • Has IBR written about this topic previously? If so, does the topic provide significant value on top of previous literature?
  • Is this topic relevant to managers more generally (i.e. outside of the specific industry or company)?
  • Did the authors demonstrate personal interest in the topic?
  • Were the recommendations persuasive? Did they demonstrate higher-level thinking and sufficient research?
  • Who is the target audience of the article? Would readers find the topic interesting?

Developing a Submission for IBR Blogs Online

Proposed online articles are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year from Ivey Alumni and current HBA students. The main difference between our print edition and the IBR Blogs is that Blogs are typically shorter in length (800-100 words vs. 1500-1800 words). IBR Blogs still provide meaningful, actionable, and fresh insight, however. These articles are published under authors’ customized, personal blog page to demonstrate their ownership of the content and expertise in their topic of interest. The best IBR Blogs will be curated to our main page for distribution and promotion across our media network.

Most IBR Blogs will be developed solely by the author, with content advisory support from IBR’s Alumni Blog Publishers and Graphics support from IBR’s internal team. For more information, e-mail details of your proposed submission to ibr@ivey.ca