Interview with Deborah Gullaher

nzeebhba2015 | January 09, 2015

IBR talks with the VP Marketing at Suncor Energy about the company’s focus on sustainability and how alternative fuels will affect the oil and gas industry

To RTB Or Not To Be?

akanapatskihba2015 | January 09, 2015

Bloomberg can counteract stagnant terminal growth by expanding into the Real Time Bidding advertising market


tgraingerhba2016 and achallapallyhba2016 | January 09, 2015

How Microsoft can secure an ecosystem advantage through household robotics development

Enguard: The Battle for Tenants

anaithanihba2016 | January 09, 2015

Morguard Corporation is at risk from the rise in supply of office space and needs to consider an intelligent solution

Wireless Power Recharged

arourkehba2016 | October 19, 2014

Why Ossia is going to revolutionize the way we power mobile devices and how Apple can take the technology from an unknown to a global phenomenon

Indigo… Or Indigone?

Austin Sinclair | October 10, 2014

Indigo's last opportunity to save a Canadian icon

WWE: Putting More Money in the Bank

Michael Delplavignano | October 10, 2014

The WWE needs to increase per user monetization of its streaming service if it hopes to maintain its top-line

Bubbles in the Tank

lsavinihba2015 | October 03, 2014

Can Sodastream regain its status as a high-growth, disruptive company?

Google Driverless… Taxi?

Kyle Doner | September 26, 2014

Google wants to be part of your everyday vehicle environment. Here's how it can implement driverless cars to do just that.

The WWE Network: Pinning the WWE’s Future

Michael Delplavignano | August 02, 2014

Analysis shows that poor market capture and cannibilization projections are the cause of the WWE Network's failures.