Interview with Hubert T. Lacroix

Nicholas Zeeb and Will Meneray | December 19, 2015

IBR speaks with the CEO of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Interview with Jordan Banks

Nicholas Zeeb and Jitesh Vyas | December 19, 2015

IBR speaks with Jordan Banks, Managing Director of Facebook Canada.

Instagram: Stocking Against the Odds

Daniel Wei and Joyce Chan | December 19, 2015

Instagram is heavily invested into Direct Response Advertising and needs to explore less cyclical sources of revenue

Diamonds In the Rough

Arth Patel and Allan Yan | December 19, 2015

Opportunities exist for power companies to re-energize America’s coal industry

Creating an Enterprise-Sized Ripple

Leroi Yu and Monica Tuin | December 16, 2015

The consumer market for smartwatches will become saturated by Apple and Android devices; Pebble needs to respond quickly

Interview with Deborah Gullaher

nzeebhba2015 | January 09, 2015

IBR talks with the VP Marketing at Suncor Energy about the company’s focus on sustainability and how alternative fuels will affect the oil and gas industry

To RTB Or Not To Be?

akanapatskihba2015 | January 09, 2015

Bloomberg can counteract stagnant terminal growth by expanding into the Real Time Bidding advertising market


tgraingerhba2016 and achallapallyhba2016 | January 09, 2015

How Microsoft can secure an ecosystem advantage through household robotics development

Enguard: The Battle for Tenants

anaithanihba2016 | January 09, 2015

Morguard Corporation is at risk from the rise in supply of office space and needs to consider an intelligent solution

Wireless Power Recharged

arourkehba2016 | October 19, 2014

Why Ossia is going to revolutionize the way we power mobile devices and how Apple can take the technology from an unknown to a global phenomenon